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A year and a half ago, I became une néorurale. I parked my road bike in an outbuilding, learned to drive (standard!), planted a garden that’s bigger than our bungalow, and gave away my office clothes.

My partner and I bought a farm in rural Québec and I’m giving co-farming a go, joining my partner (P.) in his grass-fed cattle farming enterprise. These days I’m also tending to the care of a new little one, so the garden, preserving, and milk processing efforts aren’t exactly what they used to be.

My goals for the year are still to offset costs as much as possible, to brainstorm and dream up a farm enterprise to call my own, and to make alt-homesteading the radical, feminist, anti-corporate endeavour I know it can be.


Writing helps with processing and forces me to make the time to think through and reflect : I’m going to do that here.


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