On freeschool.

Spending a day with a group of people who’ve come to learn, who’ve come to share — to share space and knowledge, to meet others, to catch up and break bread, and savour being at the farm, notepads, mugs and warm woolens at the ready.

It does my heart worlds of good to know that I know people who value these craftings of spaces as much as I, who yearn for these authentic moments, and are eager to generously listen to the young and old talk about things that energize them and make them feel alive. 

We learned about fermentation and the magic of bees, carbon capture and the Anishinaabemowin language, about domestic and global LGBTI rights and the joy of prime numbers. We also got a glimpse of our farm through the eyes of a six year old in my eldest’s very first solo farm tour (cue tears of mama pride and heartwarm).

photo credit. Karen Allidina.

Experiencing different iterations of community resilience is my most favourite thing.  

Am all gratitude to those who came (and to those who wanted to come), to those who helped me think through what freeschool could be, and to the farm for providing the time and the space to make it all happen, year after year.  xox

photo credit. Karen Allidina.