on orchards and crafting space.

in the same way we inadvertently became the owners of a second farm last fall, we now inadvertently have an orchard on our land.


with a generous permaculturalist friend, we had developed a plan for kilometres upon kilometres of windbreak to line our fields and provide shelter for our herds. we had banked on a government grant that didn’t come through. we cancelled all the orders we could, but with the fruit trees, the fee to cancel was just too big so we opted to pay for something instead of paying for nothing and lo and behold! some 115 fruit trees and shrubs arrived in our yard on monday.


i had expected a truck full of containers and trays, but they arrived in this strange, tall broom-shaped roll of plastic.

we had intended to plant the fruit bearing trees in our windbreaks, so that the grazing, rooting pigs would have fruit snacks as they cleared the underbrush, but it didn’t make much sense to plant a short fruit tree wind break  without any coniferous trees, so we axed that plan. we opted to plant them all together near the house and the road. we are actively working on a plan to overtake the anti-quaintness of this place. these trees will undoubtedly help.

and in one short day, a group of eleven people managed to plant them all. we now have aronia, or chokeberry bushes, parallel to the road and around the vegetable garden, and a collection of apple, plum and apricot trees in what we had, until now, called ursula’s pasture.

it was pretty stellar to have a new local friend and her class working on the farm today– their energy palpable–along with our new farm employee, and a designer who will be helping us make this house warmer in all senses of the word. this space felt so very much like a place of livelihood. and of heart. young people doing what they enjoy, maybe even what they love. learning and shaping their worlds.


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