that second farm house (still for rent)

No one has yet come forward wanting to rent our second farm house. Many cool people have gotten in touch and come to see the place, but they all had projects at the drawing board stage with move in dates that were a good ways off.

So here’s another, clearer, kick at the can.

My partner and I have a house for rent in St-André-Avellin, which is an hour from Ottawa, an hour and a half from Montréal. We are located four kilometres from the town, where a grocery store, pharmacy, post office, banks, natural health food store, second hand shops, dentist, etc. can be found.

We bought the neighbouring farm last autumn, as we were in need of land (and adjacent land is hard to pass up), but we’re at a loss as to what to do with all of the buildings (house, barn, garages) in the short term. We took possession of this house in November and while it housed some dear friends of ours over the winter, we have never lived there ourselves.

We are paying more than we anticipated in property taxes and insurance and are hoping to rent this house for around 850$ to recoup costs. That being said, some revenue is better than no revenue, so please get in touch if you’re interested but need to negotiate.


It’s a 5 bedroom house with three bathrooms, three entrances, and a good deal of charm.

I’m currently exploring what it would take to turn this space into a shelter, but I anticipate for that to be a long bureaucratic process.

We’re hoping to have an incubator farm up and running for spring 2017, so we’d ideally rent the house from May 2016 to April 2017. But again, we’re exploring and flexible.

For those who are interested in knowing more about our farm, please check out our websites for Grazing Days here, et pour Aube aux champs ici.

You can get in touch with me at josee.madeia (at)

Big thanks for helping us spread the word.

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