on projects and pace


Since I’ve put the call-out for projects and proposals for our second farm house, I’ve been thoroughly heart-warmed by all the messages I’ve received from folks with interesting projects up their sleeves,  wanting to build community or grow food. I am hopeful that one of these projects will be a good fit and I thank all the friends who’ve helped spread the word.

Entre temps, winter has returned to the farm. And with it a sense that we can slow our pace a tad, work on the paper portion of the farm before the pastures really call us, get the ball rolling on a few projects, snuggle with the kids and their library books.



In other news, the first calf of the year was born last week. The cows who’ve been born and were raised here will calve in the late summer, early fall (which is easier for the mamas and all parties who might need to be involved), but we added six heifers to the herd and they are calving now. Luckily, with the second barn, P. was able to create a space for them to be out of the wind, mud and now snow. To calve in a dry, accessible space.

Also, the geese who’ve been living in the other part of that barn have been taking turns sitting on a nest they built to incubate their eggs. We haven’t seen any goslings yet, but it should be soon. Meanwhile our mildly aggressive geese have turned into quite aggressive geese. We’ll see come Springtime if having the gaggle of them roam the grounds is workable. (Interesting fact: a gaggle of geese in flight can be called a skein of geese. C’est beau, n’est-ce pas?


The knitting reminders are varied and plentiful.)

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