farm spring

forty new little beings joined the farm yesterday.


they are curious and settling in.

the rest of the ménagerie seems to be digging the warmer weather as much as the humans.



there are no sign of the goslings yet.

à suivre.

in the thaw


it’s been a really good couple of weeks. i don’t know if it’s the completion of our financial planning for the year (and our first year really using holistic resource management planning tools together, p. and i), the fact that we have a number of rad farm-based projects on the go, that i’ve been managing to spend more time with other adults, or that every family member just happens to be in a good place at the same time, but i’ll take it.

spring is coming and going. we’re making the most of it.

the hens have started venturing further from the barn, joining us in our work and play when we’re out in ‘the yard’.



we’re making concrete plans to repair things we’ve been wanting to get to since moving here.



and we’re soaking in our puddles. today we learned that old baking sheets make really excellent ferries.



(in other news, while amortization and depreciation are fascinating concepts, thinking about them too much in your day to day is probably unnecessary and can make you go a bit bonkers.)


on projects and pace


Since I’ve put the call-out for projects and proposals for our second farm house, I’ve been thoroughly heart-warmed by all the messages I’ve received from folks with interesting projects up their sleeves,  wanting to build community or grow food. I am hopeful that one of these projects will be a good fit and I thank all the friends who’ve helped spread the word.

Entre temps, winter has returned to the farm. And with it a sense that we can slow our pace a tad, work on the paper portion of the farm before the pastures really call us, get the ball rolling on a few projects, snuggle with the kids and their library books.



In other news, the first calf of the year was born last week. The cows who’ve been born and were raised here will calve in the late summer, early fall (which is easier for the mamas and all parties who might need to be involved), but we added six heifers to the herd and they are calving now. Luckily, with the second barn, P. was able to create a space for them to be out of the wind, mud and now snow. To calve in a dry, accessible space.

Also, the geese who’ve been living in the other part of that barn have been taking turns sitting on a nest they built to incubate their eggs. We haven’t seen any goslings yet, but it should be soon. Meanwhile our mildly aggressive geese have turned into quite aggressive geese. We’ll see come Springtime if having the gaggle of them roam the grounds is workable. (Interesting fact: a gaggle of geese in flight can be called a skein of geese. C’est beau, n’est-ce pas?


The knitting reminders are varied and plentiful.)

a spare farm house / une maison libre

salut friends,

so here’s the latest scoop : we have (inadvertently) acquired a second farm house.
it’s big : 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. we have yet to find other folks to farm this land with us (either as part of the incubator farm or the farm land cooperative). we’d love to do something interesting with this house and would like to avoid the trappings of being regular landlords.
we’ve brainstormed a bit and one of the ideas was to put this out there to our buddies — in case we know anyone who is looking for a place to stay, to garden large for the summer, to learn french, to take a breather, to run retreats, write a memoir, etc.
i was also thinking of approaching places like the youth services bureau or the elizabeth fry society (or local equivalents) to see if they’d be up for partnering somehow (as that kind of community development work is more up my alley at this point than cattle farming), but since we are hoping to have a cooperative here, we don’t want to sign away the house for a decade either. we don’t want to make a fortune, but we do need to recoup costs.
any thoughts/ideas/projects? do you know someone who’s been talking about a cool endeavour and needs land or a space? if so please please get in touch : josee (at)


salut les ami.e.s,

nous avons récemment pris possession d’une deuxième maison en achetant des terres voisines. elle est grande : 5 chambres à coucher, 3 salles de bain. nous n’avons pas encore trouver d’autres agricultrices/agriculteurs pour se joindre  à nous (soit avec notre projet de ferme incubatrice ou de coopérative agricole) et nous aimerions vraiment faire quelque chose de différent avec cette maison.
nous avons fait un remue-méninges et une des idées c’était de poser la question à nos copines et copains, à savoir si quelqu’un.e se cherche une place, pour jardiner en gros, pour se refaire des forces pour une saison, pour organiser des retraites, écrire un livre, etc.
j’ai aussi pensé que ce serait intéressant de parler à des organismes communautaires tels opération rentrer au foyer ou la société elizabeth fry (ou des équivalents locaux) pour voir si on ne pourrait pas forger un partenariat (comme le développement communautaire c’est pas mal plus mon thing que l’élevage bovin à ce point-ci), mais comme notre but à moyen-long terme c’est de mettre sur pied une coopérative, on veut tout de même avoir la possibilité d’accueillir des agricultrices/agriculteurs au printemps 2017. (nous ne cherchons pas à faire une fortune, mais nous devons récupérer les frais engagés.)
avez-vous des idées, des projets? connaissez-vous quelqu’un.e qui a un projet intéressant à lancer mais qui a besoin d’un espace/d’une terre pour que ça puisse se matérialiser? si oui, SVP contactez moi : josee (at)