To the brim.

These have been such hectic days and weeks. There’s been the flu, and croup, and a week-long daycare closure. Some lovely new friends to get to know and to help and to assist. A lot of driving. A lot of coordinating. A lot of emotions. And there’s the farm. And these little ones.

To top it all off, this adorable little person decided that despite not having yet passed the eight month mark, he’s going to just go ahead and crawl all over the place and pull himself up on everything, regardless of its stability, weight, or sharpness.


It’s exciting and wonderful to see him fascinated and to watch him learn to use his body, but with anxiety levels being where they are, the numerous loud thumps (and cries) a day are a bit much for this mama.


In the midst of being quite sponsorship busy (and having undivided attention/one-on-one time being harder to carve out), I thought it’d be rad to start a family ritual. Something delicious and cozy and grounding. So I started making crepes on Sunday mornings while our big kid is at swimming lessons with his papa.

I made the (very rookie) mistake of going all out on day 1 by using my new cookie cutter collection to make animal shaped crepes. The following Sundays have, of course, been an exercise in negotiating an ever smaller number of animal shaped crepes (« Look, this one is ball shaped! This one is moon shaped! Oooh a wheel one! »). Also, word to the wise, crepes don’t really lend themselves to cookie cutters.



These are very full times. Full of big wonder and big joy and big sorrows. Of heartwrench. Of awe. Of big questions that I have such a hard time verbalizing. (I so miss having my feminist community close-by. and close women friends to rant and drink coffee with when overwhelmedness looms.) I wonder if I’m doing right by our new friends. I worry my children are missing our quiet together times too much. I’m exhausted beyond belief. But I am so grateful too. To the brim, even.



While out in the snow yesterday, I snowshoed a baby to sleep. F. « built Manitoba » (« pardon F., tu construis le Manitoba? » « oui! ») and used his « moissoneuse-batteuse de neige » (his snow harvesting combine). Moments to savour.

2 réflexions sur “To the brim.

  1. Bonjour Josee,

    Thank you for sharing « Les histoires d’une neoruale »

    You made my day!!!!!!!!

    I love you,




  2. Your writing is total inspiration J! Despite the seclusions of a life ‘neorurale’, you have managed to embrace a digital medium and create a connection – one that is difficult to obtain even in the heart of a city. Looking forward to your next entry.

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