the two week mark.


Ça y est. A. is two weeks old today.

So far, having a second baby feels a great deal more manageable than having a  first. It’s encouraging to know that, even though you don’t necessarily feel yourself becoming more competent as you get through it all, living through the ordeal anew, you realize that you’ve been gathering know-how and resilience all along. (Take that, parenting!)


There’s been good coziness through this healing time it too.

I had the foresight, when this babe didn’t make an early arrival (as I had anticipated), to visit a pottery studio I’d been meaning to explore for some time, LOAM clay studio, to get a new mug (I like to punctuate life changes with new local mugs but hadn’t indulged in some time). And my sis stayed with us for a glorious time to (so patiently) read endless picture books with F., construct duplo villages, and to make fresh fancy loaves of bread for us, entre autres.


With P. taking two weeks off (thanks to our very competent and flexible farm help), it became clear that leaving the farm was a must (in all fairness, I can’t imagine taking two weeks off from an office gig but having to live in said office throughout the « break »). So off to the lake we went. The three able-bodied of our crew swam and boated and splashed about, and the two of us who were healing from birth, sat around nursing, reading and sipping coffee.


Nothing like russian roulette cottage breakfast, thanks to toddler child.


Back home, the overgrown, weedy garden is looming still, right outside the living room window. Luckily, it’s been fairly easy to convince myself that a neglected infant is way worse than a neglected garden. (All the kind folks who’ve offered to lend a hand with this garden-beast, I will take you up on it just as soon as I get a real handle on things. Et merci.)

IMG_3696 IMG_3697

Yesterday, the yearlings were moved to our side pasture. It’s somehow easy (for some of us) to forget that this is a cattle farm at times, since the pastures stretch back quite a ways from the house, so it’s always quite novel to have a herd right outside our bedroom windows and next to the clotheslines.

IMG_3706 IMG_3692

And now to settle into this parenting of two.

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