caring for the barfy.

my 9 new rules for taking care of a barfy child

(to stop focusing on my vomit phobia)

  1. stay on top of the laundry. with a limited number of sleepers that fit, it’s the thing to do.
  2. a spray bottle of vinegar water and vigilance are my friends.
  3. stay busy (see number 1 and 2).
  4. put away all hand wovens and 100% favourite wool things.
  5. imagine myself as a nurse instead of a stressed mama (this will help me feel noble and keep my cool).
  6. if playing with the phone or laptop keeps us both calm and busy for a time, consider it a victory.
  7. let kid eat if he shows interest. some of it is bound to stay down at some point and might help fight big crankiness.
  8. be grateful that this happens so seldom and that kiddo is weaned (perma-nursing a barfing child almost did me in this time last year).
  9. fight urge to announce our month long quarantine to the world. it’ll get a few chuckles but it’s still over-the-top.

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