autumn harvests.


the harvests of this season too, have been good to us.


i don’t know if it’s quite a year’s worth of heirloom popcorn that has grown here, but it’s certainly a decent start.






the chard and kale are somehow still thriving, the last of the apples are slowly getting picked, and our doorstep is full of goods to process. to avoid more unfortunate losses, i’ve vowed to process a crop a day. (and that zucchini is still the bane of my days)





IMG_2137 IMG_2145





as we harvest the kale and make room under the top branches, the hens have taken to resting and taking dust baths under the foliage.







(special thanks to leah stokes who thinned the carrot rows in the heat of summer. the transplanted seedlings didn’t make it, i’m afraid, but the row is full to the brim with large carrots now)


IMG_2138 IMG_2140



the refrigeration and electrical people are working on our freezers and cooler so the potatoes, beets, onions, pumpkins, squash and carrots will have a second home soon enough.


and unless these days of rain haven’t gotten the last of the drying beans in the garden, the shelling of beans is done !



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