full swing

with the garden in full bloom, in full force, in full swing, i can appreciate why so many of those who garden seem to garden somewhat madly.  gardens are beautiful. turns out you can grow forests of food from tiny seeds. harvests can be almost indecent. and (with a number of really solid cooks around) the meals make it worth your while.


IMG_20140805_113144997 IMG_20140731_175406083

the underworld of squash.

IMG_20140731_174939703  IMG_20140731_183035654

the peas and the beans.

IMG_20140731_175506125  IMG_20140731_183423435

the beauty of a pumpkin and of breaking bread with great friends (and exquisite cooks).



harvesting with a child.


IMG_20140805_185447879 IMG_20140805_201049392 IMG_20140805_180016768

and the three top harvests of the day.

a day of gratitude.



(more later on the joys of our first taste of collective farming and on our first (small) town council meeting.)

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