stories and beanstalks


it’s been a long afternoon of dealing with this


IMG_20140722_162824343 IMG_20140722_162833789


but on the whole, crops are alright.


IMG_20140722_183904670_HDR  IMG_20140722_184550309

IMG_20140722_183732511 IMG_20140722_183816351




and i harvested my very first non-leafy green vegetable.






it’s been quite the full house as of late. it’s at once really great to know that friends and family will come spend time with us, despite the work and the distance involved, and a challenge figuring out how to carve out space and time for oneself, for a mellow routine for the child, for quiet moments and for loud shameless rocking out. i think i’ll get there. i’ve at least committed to being honest about how things are going when people ask. c’est un début, et la moindre des choses, perhaps.




we’ve a number of very public projects going on : trench digging to find the pipes that cross the highway (to get water and electric wires to our fields on the other side), the garden with its new trellises going up, and corral building in the winter paddock area come to mind. it’s been quite fascinating and pleasant to go and greet the people who stop by to ask us about these projects. older individuals who all carry pieces of the history of this place. guesses at whereabout those pipes are, a person we should ask. a story about this and that. as the resident francophone, i fully appreciate the privilege i have of being able to chew the fat with these folks, de sortir et défripper mon joual, to get a glimpse into the lives of the people here. thanks to d.’s obstinate hand trench digging, we now have the reputation of being extremely perseverent and « courageux ». c’est beau quand même.




the whole household ventured to the region’s farmer’s market this past saturday. le marché public de la petite-nation is a cooperative that runs both the market and other community events. by the looks of it there are dances « pour les chanteux de chansons et les tapeux de pieds. » à ne pas manquer, i’d say. the market is small, but the local cheese folks make curds and we made some progress on the « find friends » front (on that note « occasionally leaving the farm » is pretty pivotal, it seems.).





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